Sinbad is Going Home!

We just finished a full shop job on this Gottlieb Sinbad pinball machine. This is a fun game, and we’re glad to see it going to such a good home. Enjoy your new man cave, Mark!

Gottlieb came out with Sinbad in 1978, and produced around 12,000 of the machines. (IPDB)
The game is based, of course, on the classic protagonist of Middle Eastern lore, who adventured the world, battling monsters and collecting treasure. He also starred in the film “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger,” which came out the year prior to this game. (IMDB)
We gave this game a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be tumbled, buffed, washed, polished, or otherwise cleaned.
We installed Cointaker LEDs throughout as well.
This game looks and plays great. Everything works 100%!
Enjoy the game, Mark!