Space Jam

Chandler AZ,

Not a complicated set of repairs on this one.  Customer had some bad switches and suspected that the magnet for the basket ball wasn’t working. Also the playfield was leaning heavily to the right.

Opened the pf and found our first problem immediately.  The playfield pivot bracket had fallen off the right side of the cabinet. Both it and it’s 2 screws were at the bottom of the cabinet.  You would think this would be easy to put back in, except that the pivot bolt sits right in front of the screw holes.  This meant we had to lift the playfield out of the cabinet and set it on the transformer to give us a clear shot at the pivot screws.  Popped this back in and back into the game it went all level now.

Next we replaced the switch at the rabbit hole with a new one.

Right sling shot didn’t work and this was traced to one end of the diode on the slingshot switch had come off, resoldering this fixed the slingshot.

The magnetic reed sensor switch under the right ramp only works once after turning on the game then it will not work again.  There is no adjustments or features for these solid closed switches so the only resolution I know of at this time is to replace the switch.

Finally onto the Basketball net magnet.  Fuse tested fine,  putting a ball near the net activated the magnet.  There is nothing wrong with it.  The owner had assumed that everyshot up the ramp should result in the magnet grabbing the ball, but that is not the case.  The ball must come within about an inch of the basket for it to work.   A perfectly placed shot up the ramp and the balls goes into the net!!