Star Wars + Tilt = A Great Time!

We’d heard so much buzz about Sunday’s Star Wars Launch Party at Tilt Studio that we had to stop by. We sure weren’t alone! More than 60 people showed up for the tournament, and for the chance to play Stern Pinball’s newest offering, Star Wars.

We arrived late in the afternoon, but still found dozens of die-hards surrounding the pinball machines. Friends, family, and curious onlookers gathered around to check out the scene, and play the many other machines at the two-level arcade and redemption center, in Tempe at Arizona Mills Mall.
The tournament was still going strong when we took out leave around 6. What a great time for pinball in Phoenix! Special thanks to Tilt and its great staff for doing so much to support our favorite pasttime!
Speaking of Tilt’s great staff, there’s the recently promoted Keith, keeping all the games in good working order. The Boss was happy to give him a hand with a little issue on The Addams Family. It’s hardly work when you have so much fun, right?
The kids were excited to see all the pinball machines, but they spent most of the day downstairs at the redemption machines. Tilt has something for everyone!

If you haven’t been to Tilt Studio yet, check it out! And if you want to be more involved in all the great pinball events taking place there, check out the Tilt Studio Tempe Pinball League on FB.