The Best Harley-Davidson Pinball Machine

This game is amazing! A practically brand-new Harley Davidson pinball machine with some sweet extra touches. Check it out!

Stern came out with the Second Edition version of its Harley-Davidson pinball machine in 2002, producing only around 600 games. (IPDB)
There have been a number of pinball tributes to America’s favorite motorcycle company, but this is the nicest version, with chrome trim throughout.
This game came to us as Home-Use-Only, and it was obviously treated with care. The cabinet is in excellent condition.
And when we say this machine is like-new, we mean it! This game had 300 plays on it when it came into our shop!
This game is perfect for the Harley enthusiast, or any pinball player, with its great theme and fun toys.
The game has been fully shopped, with new silicone rings and Cointaker LEDs throughout.
The LEDs look great, plus they burn cooler and last longer than traditional bulbs.
This game got a few extra-special touches too, including Super Bands and color-coded post sleeves. Everything looks great in this game!
The Second Edition version of the game has upgraded motorcycles throughout. This game looks amazing. It plays perfectly too. We’ve checked all the mechanics. Everything works 100%!
This game is going to make a great Christmas present for a couple of lucky kids!