The Genesis of Genesis

We just had this Genesis pinball machine come through the shop. This is an interesting game we’d never seen before, and it’s made a lot better by a couple of much-needed mods. Check it out!

Gottlieb came out with Genesis in 1986, and produced around 3,500 machines. (IPDB)
The machine has a science-fiction theme, with a “Regenerator” that holds the “Lifeforce” that unveils a robot under the playfield.
The original machine was partly inspired by the 1927 German film “Metropolis,” according to IPDB. This machine plays on that with an after-market translite that’s a big improvement from the original.
Genesis Stock2
This is the original. (Image courtesy IPDB)
Here’s a close-up of the new one. Wow.
This game looks even better with LEDs.
Here’s another cool feature in this game: the aftermarket ramps. In the original game, they were an opaque purple. The clear versions really lighten up the whole game.
Genesis Stock1
Here’s what the original ramps looked like. (IPDB)
So much better!
Now let’s regenerate!