This Machine is Excellent!

Shop Notes

We just finished a full shop job on this Simpsons pinball machine. This is a fun game, especially for fans of the show. Check it out!

The Simpsons1

Data East came out with this game in 1990, and produced around 5,500 machines. (IPDB)

The Simpsons2

The celebrated show had debuted just one year prior.

The Simpsons3

“The Simpsons”¬†has since aired some 614 episodes. (IMDB)

The Simpsons4

We gave this game a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be washed, polished, tumbled, buffed, or otherwise cleaned. We also installed full LEDs: insert, GI, and flashers.

The Simpsons5

This game was in excellent shape to start with, with very little cabinet wear, a rarity among this model.

The Simpsons6

Only a few touchups needed!

The Simpsons7

Enjoy your game, Lee!