To Boldly Play An Awesome Game!

We just finished a full shop job on this 2015 Stern Star Trek Pro, and this game looked amazing! Custom touches made this Home-Use-Only game even better. Check it out!

Star Trek has been well represented in the pinball world, but when Stern came out with this version in 2012, it changed everything. (IPDB)
Through the years, there’s been Bally Star Trek, Data East Star Trek, and Williams Star Trek the Next Generation, but this is definitely the coolest version.
Stern came out with several versions of this game. This is the pro model. There’s also the Limited Edition and Premium editions.
This game is even cooler because it has an aftermarket art package, with a custom translite, speaker panel, shooter housing, scorecards, and coindoor sticker.
We upgraded the LEDs throughout as well, for a perfect glow.
We added some cool custom touches as well, including BLUE silicone rings throughout, color-coded post sleeves, and Super Bands!
This game is loaded with toys, and great references to the newest version of the movies.
Check out those cool blue bands! They look even better in person.
Captain’s orders: Check out this game, now at Doc & Eddy’s in Tempe!