Transformers Plus Toys!

We were sad to say goodbye to this Transformers Pro pinball machine. This was a really fun game, and it had a bunch of toys and custom touches that made it even better.

It’s everyone’s favorite twistable hunks of metal and plastic, back for more in this 2011 machine.
Stern’s debut of this game coincided with the second movie in the reboot of the franchise, Transformers: Dark of the Moon.
This game was fully shopped, and comes with silicone rings, color-coded posts, Super Bands, and more.
This game also came with full LEDs: insert, GI, and flashers.
Transformers began in 1984 with the much-loved toy line. Of course, it’s expanded since then, and has encompassed cartoons, comic books, video games, films, and more. (Wiki entry here.)
This game came with lots of great toys that make the machine even more fun to look at and play. Here’s one of the original guys.
And here are some of the after-market toys. Enjoy the game, J.T.!