Twilight Zone is Going Home

Shop Notes 1 August 2014 | Comments Off on Twilight Zone is Going Home

Joe brought in this 1993 Bally Twilight Zone for a full shop job. We tore down the playfield, and it buffed out to a really nice gloss. We rebuilt the flippers, welded a broken slot scoop, rebuilt the 5V power supply and installed the full LED kits. This machine turned out beautifully!


Bally came out with this game in 1993.


IPDB reports there were about 15,235 TZs produced.


We intalled the full insert, GI and flasher kits.


Did you know Rod Serling’s likeness had to be licensed separately from Twilight Zone’s? (IPDB)


You have just crossed over…


…into the Twilight Zone.

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