NEWS: Pinball for Puerto Rico Scores Big!

We’re proud to announce that our charity drive for Puerto Rico disaster relief raised hundreds of dollars!
We spent our weekend auctioning off this Old Coney Island pinball machine, as part of our Pinball for Puerto Rico auction. One amazing family liked the idea so much that they pushed the bidding up to $750! We’ve been watching the recovery efforts with growing worry, so we’re incredibly glad to do something to help. In fact, we’re going to add our own $250 on top of the auction donation.
That means that altogether we’re going to send $1,000 to United for Puerto Rico today! Please do what you can to help, and support others who are trying to help. Our fellow Americans need us now. Thank you!

Here’s the big prize! This 1979 Old Coney Island pinball machine from Game Plan. We spent a little extra time on Sunday putting some finishing touches on the game.
We even made up a little certificate for our winners, the Reading Family. We were so grateful for them, and for everyone who participated in our little effort.
And here are our new best friends! Mike (on the right) brought his twin sons with him to pick up the game. Kole is on the left and Kyle is standing next to his dad. Thanks, guys! Enjoy the game!