Pinball for Puerto Rico

Want to buy a fully working pinball machine and help some people who really need it? Keep reading!

Like everyone, we’ve been watching the devastation in Puerto Rico with a growing horror. So when a customer donated a broken pinball machine to us, we decided to sell it and donate the proceeds to help with the disaster relief. Here’s the machine! Check it out!

Game Plan came out with Old Coney Island in 1979, and produced around 3,000 machines.

This machine actually has a special meaning to us. We sold this very machine around six years ago, right when we were just starting out, to an older gentleman who wanted to surprise his wife. We never heard from him again, but a month ago, we heard from a neighbor of his. The man had passed away, and his widow had passed along the machine to our customer.

Game Plan produced pinball machines from 1978-1985.

The machine wasn’t playing and the customer asked us to come out and look at it. It had some board issues, issues that seemed beyond what we could fix and make reliable.

Game Plan also produced such classics as Sharpshooter and Pinball Lizard.

So our customer donated the game as parts, and we brought it home. For fun, we decided to tinker with the board some more after we got it home. After a few hours, we found the board issue and managed to get everything working again!

We gave the game a quick cosmetic cleanup, but it’s still not perfect.

We still can’t guarantee the MPU board, though, as replacements are hard to find. Our customer decided he still didn’t want it back, especially when he heard our plan to donate it. So with his approval, we’re taking the machine to you.

We gave the playfield some cosmetic touchups too. The rings are good and the lights are good.

We’re listing this game for $400, OBO. Feel free to go higher! Email us or call if you’re interested. Highest offer by Sunday noon gets the machine that afternoon, and United for Puerto Rico gets the money on Monday. We’ll even round it up another hundred, with our own donation.

Here’s a closeup of the lower playfield. It has new flipper bands and good rings!

Remember, this game is far from perfect. And it’s being sold as-is without warranty. We also cannot deliver the machine. You must come to pick it up.

We even melted the wavy plastics back into factory flatness.

We’re just happy that we’re in a position to do something to help, especially since this game has been reminding us a lot of how far we’ve come, and everything we have to be grateful for.

We even cleaned up the back of it for you!

Thanks for helping us to help others. Pay it forward when you can!