A Custom Conversion! (NSFW)

We’ve been sitting on this one for a while… a custom conversion that’s as rare as it is remarkable. We finally found some time this month to hang out with our Sexy Girl. Check out the early progress!

The original Sexy Girl was produced as a conversion kit in 1980 by Swiss company Ranco Automaten and included a populated playfield, backglass, projector, film strip, and an instruction manual. You supplied the Bally boards, cabinet and cabinet art. (IPDB)
Pinball reproduction art company CPR made its own smaller conversion kit six years ago, which included an unpopulated playfield, backglass, and plastic set.
Still, we were game to try this, and got in on the 30 kits that CPR produced. It took a while, but we finally pulled out the pieces to get going this month. We’re using an old Star Trek head and an old KISS body for our cabinet!
Here are some of the lovely women on the playfield. Our favorite is Susy! The original conversion advertised itself as simple, and only taking 30 minutes. Ours will take a bit longer.
We particularly like the art here. Is that a pile of hotdogs?
The original flyer advertised the game was perfect for truckstops and bars.
Here’s the big boss putting some of the pieces together. You can see a good shot of the projector screen it the middle of the playfield, which will show as many images as we include.
Here’s the promo stand CPR included in its package, a bonus over the original kit. That’s former Playmate Ann Pennington, who also appears on the backglass.
Here’s where the game stands now. We made Ann safe for work in this shot at least. We’ll keep you updated on our progress!