A Fun Game to Crack

We had a Safecracker come through the shop recently. If you have the chance to play this game, take it! Until then, live vicariously:

Bally came out with this game in 1996, and produced around 1,150 units. (IPDB)
Safecracker was slow to catch on at first, with its timed game, shortened playfield, and backbox play, but is generally well-regarded now.
Here you can see the gameboard, with the vault in the center. The player tries to get to the middle before the guards, dogs, and other obstacles catch up. Then a magic coin is awarded through a slot in the center. (You can see the coins in the top pic.)
This game came into the shop for some mechanical issues, and some electrical problems that had vexed a line of other folks.
After ferreting out the bugs, we determined the game needed some rigorous play testing. Hey, Mike, bring it back anytime!