A Real Winner!

We just took this Wheel of Fortune machine into the shop. This game is beautiful, and perfect for fans of the long-running game show, or anyone who’s looking for a fun game to play. This game is long gone now!

Stern came out with Wheel of Fortune in 2007, and produced around 2,000 games.
It’s theme, of course, comes from the long-running TV game show, which debuted in 1983, and has filmed more than 6,200 episodes.
The game features vocals by host Pat Sajak as well as Charlie O’Donnell, the show’s announcer. The backglass art features Sajak and co-host Vanna White.
We gave this game a full shop job, tearing everything off the playfield and polishing, washing, tumbling or otherwise cleaning it.
We gave the game the full LED treatment, too: Inserts, GIs, and flashers all were changed out.
This game has some really fun toys, including a mechanical spinning wheel on the playfield, three animated, bobblehead contestants named Lonnie, Maria, and Keith that call out puzzle letters when hit, and a mini dot matrix display in the playfield that directs the player during gameplay.
Here’s another fun feature! The center ball drain has retro styling, which bounces the ball back into play more often than not.
Our friends, Lonnie, Maria, and Keith. Hitting them allows you to guess a letter en route to solving puzzles and collecting prizes!
And here’s that spinning wheel. Just like the original!