A Reel Catch!

We just had this Fish Tales pinball machine come through our shop. The previous owner did a lot of work on it, and it looked even better after we finished a few last things. Check it out!

Fish Tales1
Williams came out with Fish Tales in 1992, and produced almost 14,000 units. (IPDB)
Fish Tales2
These games are always fan-favorites, which means they’ve usually suffered quite a bit of wear.
Fish Tales3
This one had new decals installed, and look at that bright color on the cabinet! You rarely ever see an original Fish Tales that bright.
Fish Tales4
Full LEDs had been installed in this game, too, including the awesome flapping fish topper this game is known for.
Fish Tales5
Another shot that shows how colorful this game is with LEDs!
Fish Tales6
The playfield in this game had been clearcoated, too, so it didn’t have the insert wear you normally see in this game.
Fish Tales7
We put the Super Bands on, changed the rubber rings, cleaned everything, and checked all the mechanics.
Fish Tales8
Enjoy the game, Bill!