A Special Delivery

We make deliveries all the time. Usually, they’re not that special. But last week we got to do something that made us proud, happy, and glad to be doing what we do. We delivered a new game to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Check it out!

We took the whole crew down for the donation and delivery! The kids were excited to help.
We got the game all set up in the pre-op playroom. That’s where the kids who are set for surgeries spend their time until their procedures.
Our kids were happy to play test the game once we arrived. This cocktail arcade plays sixty different games–something for everyone!
The whole company, happy to help make sure the hospital’s little patients have the best play area possible.
After we dropped off the game, we headed to the hospital’s Child Life Zone, which serves all the kids who stay at the hospital.
The zone has two machines we service, along with a lot of other fun things to keep kids busy during their hospital stays.
These games get a ton of play!
Everything working again, ready to go home.
Guess they don’t need this sign anymore. Max was happy to hang it on himself when we were finished.