We just finished a wickedly cool project, a playfield swap in this ACDC BIBLE — that’s Back in Black Limited Edition if you’re not lucky enough to know already. This game is amazing! And it looked as good as new when we got the new playfield in.
Check it out!

Stern came out with this ultra-high-end version of ACDC in 2012, the nicest of the original four models of the game.
There have been four more versions of the insanely popular game since then, but this remains the nicest, and the rarest, with only 300 made.
The original game had suffered some clouding in the window to the lower playfield, so the owner found a new playfield and asked us to install it.
We added a few upgrades while we were swapping things over, including Super Bands, silicone rings, and a Total Rock Concert mod.
There wasn’t anything to do to this cabinet, though. Look at this beauty!
The other side is nice too.
The game already had some cool mods too. Check this out.
This looks so much better now. Enjoy the game, Mike, and rock on!