Add a Whole Lot of Fun to Your House!

Check out this fully restored FunHouse pinball machine! It looks perfect, and has a ton of upgrades. Don’t you wish it was yours?
Williams came out with Funhouse in 1990, and produced about 10,750 units (IPDB).
The machine has remained hugely popular ever since due to its fun theme, cool toys, and good design.
This machine is an amazing example of the game, with new cabinet art, a restored playfield, and tons of awesome upgrades, including those super light-up speaker rings.
Check out how great that art looks! The head’s even been re-stenciled on the back!
We fully restored this game, pulling everything off the playfield to be tumbled, buffed, polished, washed, or otherwise cleaned, on top of everything else.
We installed full Cointaker LEDs throughout the game.
Other upgrades include these fabulous art blades, brand-new ramps, Cliffy protectors, pop bumper ring lights, color-coded post sleeves, Super Bands, and more.
Check out that beautiful glow!
Enjoy the game, Chris!