Addams Family Revisited

Mesa, Arizona

Back to a customer’s house to install some parts that we didn’t have in stock the first time around.

Replaced the orange targets by the swamp

Installed brand new replacement side rails and airbrushed on black paint where it was worn off the cabinets.  Patched some missing wood on the corner of the head and also painted that.

There was a new problem with the flippers,  the bottom right one was weak, looking at the plunger you could see where it was rubbing on the bracket.  The bracket was sitting slightly on top of the coil sleeve instead of having the coil sleeve protruding through it.  Repositioning and tightening the bracket fixed it.

The upper right flipper was occasionally sticking. It had plenty of power.  Taking the assembly apart we find that the metal bearing between the pawl and plunger has disintegrated and chewed up the plastic linkage.  Replacing the pawl plunger assembly fixes the problem.