Amazing Fish Tales!

We’ve seen a lot of Fish Tales in our day, and this is probably the nicest original one we’ve come across. This game is fun for everyone, but now it’s going home with Jeff. Y’all should have called us earlier!

Williams came out with Fish Tales in 1992, and produced around 13,600 games. (IPDB)
This game is a perennial favorite, with its fun theme, and its cool toys, including the flapping fish in the topper above the game.
The cabinet on this game tends to fade, but this one still has all the great factory color.
This game has been fully shopped, too, with new silicone rings and color-coded post sleeves.
We installed Cointaker LEDs throughout this game as well. They look great, plus they burn cooler and last longer than traditional bulbs.
This game got a few extra-special touches too, including these Super Bands.
We checked all the mechanics. This game works 100%.
Even the topper dome is in great shape on this great game!
Have fun with your amazing Fish Tales, Jeff!