America’s Most Haunted is Here!

We’d been eagerly awaiting this day for months, keeping track of updates online, pestering folks in Wisconsin for news, watching pictures of their progress. And Wednesday was finally the day. The day our own America’s Most Haunted arrived. Check it out!

Here’s the boss unloading our very own America’s Most Haunted, machine #62 of Spooky Pinball’s run of 150.
The folks at Spooky rock! Check them out here if you haven’t heard of them. They’re from Benton, WI, population 900, and they’ve done some amazing work in just a few short years.
There it is! This machine had two choices for cabinet art; we went with the more popular version.
Yes! Here’s AMH joining the other keepers inside the inner sanctum of Firebird Pinball.
We got the LED upgrade in this machine, and added on plastic protectors. The LED strips on the side are a nice touch!
One of the toys that make this game so much fun!
The rule set is pretty straight-forward, and revolves around your team capturing all the different ghosts in the haunted house.
Everyone had to get in a game or two right away. Here’s Max helping Daddy choose his shots.
Look! Signed memorabilia! Big thanks to all the guys and gals at Spooky. This is a great machine!
And thanks to the minions, too!