Better than Mmmkay!

We just finished a full shop job on this South Park pinball machine. This machine is especially cool for fans of the long-running cartoon, but everyone will enjoy the fun of Mr. Hankey and the gang. Check it out!

Sega came out with its South Park pinball machine in 1999, two years after the lovable tykes at the heart of the cartoon made their TV debut. This machine was the last title manufactured by Sega, and production was completed by Stern. Around 2,200 machines were built. (IPDB)
South Park has gone on to air nearly 300 episodes now, and even a movie. (IMDB)
We’ve given this game a full shop job, pulling everything off the playfield to be polished, washed, tumbled, buffed, or otherwise cleaned. We changed the rings and added a few custom touches as well.
The cabinet has been cleaned as well, and it’s in great condition. Game is set to free play.
We’ve converted this game to full Cointaker LEDs, and the lights look great now!
Of course, what would South Park be without its crazy kids? This game features some of the best characters from the show, and lots of toys, including a toilet that flushes during multiball.
You can even pretend that Chef is still on the show!
This game is now going to be a surprise for three very lucky kids with an awesome uncle! Now that’s real love.