Bobby Orr Power Play

Phoenix, Arizona

According to the customer this one had been repaired by another company in town and it stopped working again only a few days later.  After a call or two to the shop they never came back out to repair it.

Board booted to 6 flashes but no 7th flash so the 43 volts is missing.  Fuse is good, fuse clips are good, the new bridge the other shop put in tests good and AC voltage is making it to the bridge but still no 43V coming out of the rectifier board.  Closer inspection of the bridge shows that one of the legs is not soldered properly. There is fresh solder on the board, but none on one the legs.  Cheap solder irons have problems soldering to larger components like bridges. Soldered the leg correctly and Voila, the board boots to 7 flashes. The wires soldered to the test points are another previous “repair”

Put in a remote battery holder and cleaned up the little bit of corrosion that was on the ground trace on the MPU.

The flippers on this pin were incredibly strong for an early Bally.