Brother From Another

Sometimes one pinball machine will remind you of another. A cool toy gets used more than once. Layouts are limited, sometimes they look a lot alike. Then there are games like these two we have in the shop right now, games that are like brothers from another mother.

Our first brother: Austin Powers, which Stern produced in 2001, between the second and third installments of the Mike Meyers cinematic vehicles.
Our second brother: Iron Man, which Stern produced in 2010, the year Robert Downey Jr.’s hero made his second eponymous movie.
Our brothers are quite a bit different, but their games are decidedly similar, with near-identical layouts and the same ramps. The rising Iron Monger and Dr. Evil toys are among the other similarities.
We’re not the only ones who have noticed these similarities, of course. Stern did take some heat for reusing some of its earlier designs. Iron Man IS Austin Powers, minus a spinning center shot, a cannon, and a toilet.
In case you couldn’t see it earlier, here’s a side-by-side view, so you can really check this out. Luckily, both games are awesome, and a few key updates made Iron Man even more fun to play.

Our little family reunion has been fun, but all good things must end. Austin Powers and Iron Man are both long gone!