Check Out This El Dorado City of Gold

Here’s one you don’t come across very often, a Gottlieb El Dorado City of Gold. This rare game is a lot of pinball for its price, and has a fun theme, with tons of drop targets.

El Dorado 1
Gottlieb came out with El Dorado City of Gold in 1984, and produced 905 machines. (IPDB)
El Dorado 2
That year was a great year for adventure, with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom dominating the box office.
El Dorado 3
The explorers pictured in the backglass art are actually Gottlieb employees, a completely different kind of adventure.
El Dorado 4
We’ve gone through this game and checked all the mechanics. Everything works 100%.
El Dorado 5
The game has been fully LED’d, inserts and GI.
El Dorado 6
That’s a 10-bank drop target. This game has the five-bank target pictured above, and a couple of standup targets, too. Lots to aim for!
El Dorado 7
The game has some nice details, too.
El Dorado 8
El Dorado!