Circuit Breaker Fuses

Get tired of blowing through half a dozen fuses in a single spot while trying to diagnose a problem? So did we, so we built these AGC fuse-sized circuit breakers. First, we take a broken fuse and solder it to the lugs on the circuit breaker. Then the breaker can be inserted into a fuse location and if the problem is still present then the button on the circuit breaker pops up. Wait approx. 25 seconds for the internals to cool down and you can reset the button and try again.

We can make these in 3 amp, 5 amp, 10 amp, 15 amp and 20 amp sizes.  For Solid State machines we primarily use the 3 and 5 amp breakers.  The 10, 15 and 20 amps work great with EM machines.

You can build one too, or you can order one or a full set from us. Just click here  to email your request.

Circuit Breaker