Cirqus Voltaire is Waiting for You- SOLD

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We just got this Cirqus Voltaire completely reassembled after a full shop job. We polished the plastics, washed the posts and tumbled the metal. Flippers were rebuilt and the machine was fully checked and tested and is 100% working. We also buffed the playfield and installed LEDs. While we were at it, we put in some awesome metallic flipper bats with clear Super Bands. This 1997 Bally game is ready to go!



Bally came out with Cirqus Voltaire in 1997.


IPDB reports there were just 2700 CVs produced.


Our machine has full LEDs, with insert, GI and flasher kits installed.


Interesting features include the disappearing Ringmaster, a pop bumper that also rises and falls into the playfield, and a DMD display mounted directly on the playfield, the only time Williams ever did that.


Concept and design by John Popadiuk.


Also note the backbox animation, which simulates a cannon being fired.


Take it home today!

2 Responses on “Cirqus Voltaire is Waiting for You- SOLD”

  1. Brian says:

    Would have thought for 7500 you could have replaced the dinged up side rails on the Cirqus

  2. Kris says:

    Hi Brian. The side rails are in fact in perfect condition on this machine. There is a reflection from the camera’s flash on the left side near the rear in the one photograph that may appear to be a dent but we assure you that the rails are fine.