Coolest Pinball Clock Ever

Have you heard of RUN DMD? It’s basically the coolest pinball clock ever. We’d seen the videos of the pinball-displays-turned-clocks on Pinside and instantly knew we had to have one for the shop. Then we decided to make another one for some friends. Check this out!

Here’s Kris putting together the second clock that we built. Of course, this thing shows the time, but it also splices in hundreds of animation sequences from Stern, Williams, and Bally pinball games.
This clock is designed by a guy in Sweden. You get the clock board from the Run-DMD site. Then you supply your own DMD panels, power supply, and frame. Finally, you download the animation files, and assemble everything.
It takes a bit of time to put everything together, and it isn’t cheap. But this is a pretty cool clock!
Here’s the original one that Kris built, hanging in the shop entry.
You never know what animation will come up next!
The next-best thing to actually playing pinball! Also, check out this video of an early version of the clock in action.