Cyclone Looks Great!

We just finished a full shop job on this Cyclone pinball machine. It turned out great! Check it out!

Williams came out with this game in 1988, and produced about 9,400 units. (IPDB)
The game came out three years after Williams debuted Comet, and it’s a much-improved version on the carnival theme.
We got this one from a guy who’d been planning to restore the game. He’d taken everything apart, so a lot of this game came to us in boxes.
We put it all back together, dropping in a freshly clearcoated playfield and adding new plastics and a replacement ramp while we were at it.
Of course, we installed full LEDs, too: insert, GI, and flashers.
We put on Super Bands, and gave the game some other nice touches, too.
This was one of three games we delivered to Las Vegas for a new friend. Enjoy your new game room, Aaron!