DE Playboy

Scottsdale, Arizona

Game was only booting intermittently and was resetting when it did boot.

Initially we looked at the CPU for the customer as we didn’t have the entire game at our shop.  CPU checked out fine on the test bench, all outputs worked and we did not see any resetting.  We brought the board back to the customer and got our first look at the machine itself.  Popped the CPU back in and went to look at the 5V circuit on the power supply.  Immediatley the problem presented itself.  One of the fuse clips on the unregulated 12V (which in turn powers the 5 V circuit) was busted in half and missing a tab. This was allowing the circuit to open up and cut the 5V from the CPU.  Replacing this fuse clip fixed the issue and now the game boots correctly, but now we ran into a different issue.  The game is no longer holding the settings when you turn it off and back on.  A new set of batteries didn’t fix the problem.  The batteries are at the correct voltage, but the “B” testpoint on the CPU doesn’t have 5V when the game is turned off. Follow this back and the blocking diode is bad and not letting the battery voltage through.   This diode needs to be replaced.