Elvira and the Party Monsters Rocks!

We just finished a full shop job on this Elvira and the Party Monsters. This is a fun game, and it looked great with a few extra touches.

Check it out!

Bally came out with this game in 1989 and produced about 4,000 machines. (IPDB)
The game came out one year after Cassandra Peterson made her big-screen debut as her most famous character, in Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Of course, she’d been playing Elvira since the early ’80s on an L.A. TV station.
We tore everything off the playfield, to be tumbled, polished, washed, buffed, or otherwise cleaned. We pulled the Mylar, too. Then we installed full LEDs: inserts, GIs, and flashers.
We put in the bony flippers and Super Bands for extra effect.
We replaced the little Boogie Men, too. Those guys get dirty.
We made this custom keychain, too. Enjoy the game, Nate!