Peoria, Arizona

Customer had just picked up the pin and wanted me to go over it and make it 100%

The first issue was an Odd booting problem.  When you turned the game on it would sometimes not boot, It would sometimes report a U10 error, and sometimes report a memory protect failure.  If you turned the machine off and back on the game will boot up correctly.  This is a problem we have seen a few times before.  The issue is a bad capacitor at C30  on the MPU (to the left of the batteries).  Replacing this cap fixed the problem.  The syptoms are similar to bad RAM and bad batteries, but in those instances the game will report an Adjust Failure or Factory Settings Error.

Installed a remote battery holder to prevent future corrosion issues

Flippers were weak and so they were rebuilt with new plungers/pawls, coil stops, coil sleeves and EOS switches.  After the rebuild the left flipper was still weak when we finally notices that the left flipper coil was a 17753 coil (which is the very weakest Williams coil) instead of the correct strength 11630  coil.  Pop the correct coil in and now all the ramp shots were easy to hit.

The game had nearly every flash bulb out.  Replaced at least 20 of them. Couple of regular bulbs and the game was at 100%.