Fireball EM Looks Hot!

Check out this great Fireball pinball machine! We normally don’t deal with EM (electro-mechanical) games, but we couldn’t resist this one. It cleaned up great, and found a home right away. Enjoy the game, Bob!

Bally came out with Fireball in 1972 and produced around 3,815 of the games. (IPDB)
The multiball game proved a hit with its spinning center disc, zipper flippers, stylized artwork, and great game play.
The theme was such a hit that Bally went on to produce the sequels Fireball Home Model in 1977, Fireball II in 1981 and the Fireball Classic remake in 1985 that was closest to the original but didn’t have zipper flippers.
We gave this game a full shop job, tearing everything off the playfield to be tumbled, polished, washed, or otherwise cleaned.
We installed warm white Cointaker LEDs throughout to keep that vintage look while reducing the heat load to preserve the nearly perfect backglass.
Just a few reds up top to enhance the artwork.
Everything works 100% and this game plays great.
Enjoy the game, Bob!