Firebird Visits StarFighters!

We had the rare occasion of a Saturday night without kids (thanks, Nana!), so we finally made our way over to StarFighters Arcade in Mesa. This place is great, and we highly recommend it!

StarFighters opened last year at 4811 E. Julep St., Suite #124, in Mesa. It’s the collaboration of Mike Lovato and Wolfman Steve Thomas, two longtime video game enthusiasts and Arizona natives.
Running the joint as the Phoenix Arcade Collectors Club, the men say their mission “is to promote, preserve and project the vintage arcade gaming genre into the future for new generations to enjoy.”
This place gives a good first impression! You walk in the front door and find yourself surrounded by pinball machines.
Proceed further in, and you find row after row of memorable arcade action, each game set on free play.
There are 100 games or so on display. Different levels of membership grant you entry for a night, a month, or a year.
The games tend toward the classic, as it should be. There’s a definite ’80s vibe to StarFighters, from the music to the overhead videos.
There’s a good variety of upright fun, too! Crossbow action, anyone?
There are some good driving games, too.
Leslie took an inordinate amount of joy in earning the top score in Dig Dug.
We both had fun playing this one! Check out the Gravitrex guys here.
Check out StarFighters today! Learn more about them here!
Kris and Leslie say: GO TO STARFIGHTERS!