Fish Lips, Fish Lips, Fish Lips

We recently had a Sopranos pinball machine come through the shop. Like a lot of other Sopranos, it had suffered some damage to the bottom lip of the fish on the left side of the playfield. Since the part isn’t available, we found our own solution.

Sopranos Fish Lip 1
The fish in question. Notice the bottom lip is missing, and only a piece of the tongue remains attached to the mechanism.
Sopranos Fish Lip 2
Here’s a closer look at the innards, after we removed the fish itself.
Sopranos Fish Lip 3
That’s what the part is supposed to look like. Sold Out!
Sopranos Fish Lip 4
But we’re nothing if not resourceful! We used some Super Sculpey to model a new lip and tongue.
Sopranos Fish Lip 5
Make sure to read the baking directions closely!
Sopranos Fish Lip 6
Fresh out of the oven.
Sopranos Fish Lip 7
After a first coat of paint.
Sopranos Fish Lip 8
A working fish! And a Sopranos piece that now functions.
Sopranos Fish Lip 9
Here’s the Big Boss putting it all back together again.
Sopranos Fish Lip 9a
Here’s the finished, shopped game. What a good-looking pin!