Flash Gordon Is Better Than New!

We just finished a playfield restoration on this Flash Gordon pinball machine. The cabinet was in amazing shape to start with. Now this game looks even better than new. Check it out!

Bally came out with Flash Gordon in 1981 and produced around 10,000 of the machines. (IPDB)
The game is based on the movie that came out just beforehand, which of course follows the exploits of the eponymous 1930’s comic book character.
This game wasn’t in bad shape, but we knew we could make it even better. Cue a few minor touchups and then a couple of coats of nice, shiny, automotive clearcoat.
Check out that beautiful shine on that playfield now!
This game got a full shop job while we were perfecting the playfield. We added a few custom touches, including Super Bands and silicone rings.
Check out those beautiful new drop targets. You can see their reflections perfectly!
We were happy to get this game back to its original glory. We did a full LED conversion while we were at it, installing Cointaker LEDs throughout.
The upper playfield also got some love. Look at the beautiful shine up here too!
Enjoy your new game, Mike! We enjoyed making it look this good.