Game On Expo Was Great!

We took a family trip down to Game On Expo on Sunday. This convention was a blast, with something for just about every kind of gamer. Check it out!

Game On 1
Decked out in our Sunday finest, we made our way to the Mesa Convention Center on the last day of the three-day Game On Expo.
Game On 2
The admission badges were awesome!
Game On 3
Max just about ran inside. He couldn’t believe there was a whole convention about video games.
Game On 4
Here’s the view from the other side of the exhibition hall. The vendors alone filled up almost the entire space!
Game On 5
And what magical wares these folks brought with them.
Game On 6
Our kids found lots and lots of stuff they wanted to touch.
Game On 7
And then some more things they wanted to touch too.
Game On 8
Of course, there was art for grown-ups too. There were some talented artists at these booths!
Game On 9
It was nice to see some familiar names around, like our friends from Desert Sky Gaming.
Game On 81
Yes, this face means Daddy bought Milo something to play with.
Game On 82
In addition to the main hall, the expo filled a side room with all kinds of old console games, and handheld games. Max was a big, big fan of this room.
Game On 83
Can you believe we had to pry him off of this one?
Game On 84
At least the time they spent in this room gave us time to take a selfie. Yay, Firebird day off!
Game On 85
A lot of the vendor booths had consoles hooked up so you could try out even more games.
Game On 86
But here’s the room where we spent the most time: The arcade! Our friends at Cobra Arcade Bar brought down a nice contingent of games.
Game On 87
Milo and Mommy defeated the Krakken in the arcade, which was in the hotel right next to the convention center. This one was from Castles N’ Coasters. The Grid: Games & Growlers also brought down some cool games, including the ever-popular Killer Queen!
Game On 88
This convention even had a handful of pinball machines to play, including our very own custom Walking Dead machine. StarFighters Arcade brought it down, along with a big group of their own machines.
Game On 89
There were a couple of other rooms set up with games, and local groups lined the hallways, everything from local Pokemon enthusiasts to anime buffs and cosplay talent. And, yes, Milo also beat Kris on this Puzzle Fighter Two.
Game On 90
Some of the costumes were amazing!
Game On 91
Can you see the awesome costume in this picture?
Game On 92
The glazed looks on their faces said they’ve just about had enough. Thanks for an awesome time, Game On Expo. We’ll see you again next year!