Getaway: High Speed 2 Full shop job

Tucson, AZ

Early production run game with the different front cabinet decals

This one has sat for a few years (apparently with the glass off)

Suprisingly the game booted with no issues other than the lost memory. Batteries had corroded and took out the holder but no board damage. Replaced the battery holder with one of our Firebird Pinball remote battery holders.

The rest of the shop job was fairly standard. Disassembled the entire top of the playfield. All parts were cleaned. Disassembled all under pf assemblies and put in new coil sleeves. All new playfield rubbers, new pinballs.

Checked all operations, all bulbs, all switches and all solenoids. Flippers were still nice and strong and did not require a rebuild.

Touched up all scrapes and gouges in the black on the cabinet and coin door