Grampa Tackles Dirty Harry

We’re so glad to have our special senior assistant in the house every week. This week, John, AKA Grampa, started work on our Dirty Harry pinball machine. We really appreciate all his hard work. Thanks, Grampa!!

We picked up this machine a while ago, but hadn’t had time to get to it until now. Here, Grampa and the Big Boss tackle the ramp removal on this game, which Williams put out in 1995.
Did you know the first movie with Police Inspector Harry Callahan came out in 1971? “Dirty Harry” was followed by “Magnum Force” in 1973, “The Enforcer” in 1976, “Sudden Impact” in 1983, and “The Dead Pool” in 1988.
Now that Grampa’s stripped everything off the playfield, we’ll get to work putting the whole thing back together, and making it look great. This game is for sale! And thanks again, John. You’re the best senior assistant ever!