Grogu and Mando Have Gone Home!

Check out this awesome Star Wars Mandalorian pinball machine! This Home Use Only Pro version of the game game was pristine, and almost immediately found its new home. 

This Stern Star Wars Mandalorian came out in 2022.
The game is of course modeled after the hit TV show of the same name, which debuted in 2019.
The game is a faithful rendition of the best parts of the show, and is a great tribute to the Star Wars cannon.
This game is used, but you’d never know it. One original owner, and in excellent condition all around.
This game comes with all the latest perks from Stern, including great coding, a fast playfield, four Wizard modes, and all kinds of missions to complete.
Check out all the toys on this game, including the all-important Grogu, and the awesome mini playfield in the back.
Full LEDs throughout, and lots of great extras, including black powder coated legs, rails, hinges. and lockdown bar.
This game plays great, looks amazing, and saves a lot of money instead of purchasing new!
Enjoy the game, Roland!