Harlem Globetrotters

Scottsdale, Arizona

Very clean original condition pin.  The pin had a problem with the flippers.  The upper left flipper “fluttered” when you pressed and held the flipper button. 

Most flippers coils are actualy 2 coils in one.  A power coil which moves the flipper up and a hold coil to hold the flipper in place.  When the flipper is all the way up the power coil turns off and the hold coil keeps it in place. This keeps the power coil from overheating and melting.  If the hold coil is broken the flipper goes up, the high power turns off the flipper falls down, high power turns back on and the flipper goes up, etc… only really really fast.

We were lucky that we could see the broken wire on the coil, unwind it one wind and strip the insulation and reattach it.  Flipper then worked as it should

Also even though the machine had LED displays there was alot of noise on the sound board when the displays were on.  Removing the connector to the speakers and cleaning the pins on the sound board made most of the buzzing go away