Just Like Santa

Wow, it’s 2018, and we still feel like we’re recovering from Christmas! We had a whole lot of deliveries to make right before the big day. A pinball machine makes a great present! Check it out!

Here are the first two games we delivered all snug in their new home, a Stern Harley Davidson Second Edition and a Williams Hurricane.
The games looked great in a newly designated game room, and the whole family soon gathered around to check out their cool new toys.
Just some final checks, and these games were good to go! The big boss is dedicated to making sure machines are set up correctly in their new homes.
We were so busy that we didn’t take full pictures of Hurricane. Here’s a playfield shot. This game turned out great!
Our second delivery was this great Jurassic Park pinball machine, along with a sit-down cocktail arcade. Everyone wanted to check out the cool games!
Was your Christmas as fun as all this? Remember to buy a pinball machine next year!