King of Conversion

He’s made 3/4-scale Galagas, Centipedes, and Pac-Men. He’s converted boring sit-downs to 60-in-1s. He built a portable mini arcade. And now he’s converted an old trivia machine. Yes, the Big Boss is getting pretty familiar with the arcade world. Check it out!

Kris and the boys playing the machine, post-conversion.
We picked this thing up from a friend. It was a standard bar trivia game, with five red buttons across the front and an old screen that no longer worked.
Kris re-bored the holes, adjusted the buttons, got a new monitor, and put in a 60-in-1 board. Then we cleaned off the layer of grime on the old machine.
Kris also installed color-changing buttons to select one- or two-player games.
Finally, he put in new plexiglass and made an inset for the screen. Just one button hole left to fix, and this thing will be amazing! See it at ZapCon!