Laser-Tastic Pinball War Game Yes!

If you ever hoped to combine the thrill of laser tag and the even bigger thrill of pinball, we’ve got just the game for you!
Check out this awesome Laser War!

Data East came out with Laser War in 1987 and produced nearly 2,600 games. (IPDB)
This was the first game Data East produced, and also the first game from any manufacturer to feature stereo sound.
The game has some great custom touches, including the powder-coated legs, rails, and lockdown bar.
This game has been fully shopped, with all new rings and LEDs installed throughout. Look at that glow!
Everything works on this game 100% and it’s a fun and fast game to play.
Did we mention this game features multiball and ramps? Great playfield for the price!
Welcome, warrior! (You’ll soon hear again and again!)
Enjoy the game, Mike!