Like This Data East Star Wars, We Do

We just finished shopping this Data East Star Wars for our new friends Mark and Tracy. This is a really fun game, and one they’d been hoping to find forever. We predict many happy games in their future!!

Data East came out with this game in 1992 and produced around 10,400 machines. (IPDB)
We gave this one a full shop job, taking everything off the playfield and cleaning, polishing, tumbling or washing it all. Then we had a bit of cabinet work to do, too.
We installed full LEDs, of course: inserts, GI, and flashers. Blue Super-Bands looked great, too!
We put a green LED and a red LED behind this insert, emphasizing the clash of the light sabers.
There are some great toys on this playfield, including the motorized R2-D2.
The Death Star spins, too.