Living the Good Life at Cobra Arcade

Cobra Arcade is something to behold, a true oasis for those of us who spent our youths standing in front of machines that ate quarters and radiated bliss. And the grown-up half of Firebird Pinball finally got a chance to spend the night there together. You should too!

Cobra Arcade opened at 801 N. Second St. in January, after years of planning by the good folks behind the downtown spot.
You can tell right away that you’re in for something good. From the everywhere-artwork to the background-pulsing DJ beat, there’s a great vibe here.
The fact that there’s a full bar makes it even more fun! Sorry, junior Firebirds, that’s why you spent the night with Nana.
The theme cocktails are a fun touch too.
Princess Peach, of course. It inexplicably tasted even better as the DJ spliced Blondie and The Doors.
The boss, with something porter-like.
We liked the Cobra folks even before they got a few pinball machines in the back. The boss checked out The Hobbit for a while. This exact machine was one of the top attractions at ZapCon!
One of the coolest things at Cobra is the repainted cabinets, projects of local artists. We have to cheer Cobra for its deep and authentic support of local artists, musicians, food trucks, and more. This place keeps it honest!
The artwork out front (La Medusa) is by internationally known street artists El Mac (a.k.a. Miles MacGregor) and David Choe. The New Times had an interesting story about it here. (Search their archives for other great coverage of Cobra as well!)
Even the bathrooms rock at this place.
Hey, Cobra Arcade, you get the Firebird Pinball seal of approval!