Mustang the Magnificent

Shop Notes

It was like Christmas morning in the shop, like a lot of birthdays all at once, like a giant Bingo win. We took in this Mustang LE pinball machine, and got to play it for a couple of weeks. It’s gone to its new home already, but you can still check out some pictures!


This machine came out in 2014, #466 of 500 Mustang LEs built by Stern.


It’s a beautiful machine, with a lot of fun toys, and some great songs, included Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades,” The Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein,” and Blink 182’s “My Own Worst Enemy.”


There’s a long list of mods that come with this game, including a custom shooter rod, a cool new shifter plate, mirror blades, 351 Cleveland in-lane covers, a tachometer mod, a dashboard mod, the laser-cut topper, updated software,¬†and a Pinnovators volume control/headphone jack/subwoofer connector.


Everything has been checked mechanically, and this game plays perfectly.


The cabinet is in great shape, too.


Here’s a close-up of the awesome topper on this machine.


The LE machines came with one of five colors for the 1/24th-scale Mustang. which rotates on the platform as you play. Red looks the best! You can see the dashboard mod in the background too.


Here’s a close-up of the tachometer mod. Very cool!