NEWS: Belles & Chimes at the Grid

Sunday was the best of times. We took the whole family to The Grid: Games and Growlers for the second tournament in the new Belles & Chimes pinball league. If you haven’t been, be sure to check out this cool spot in Mesa. And please help support Belles & Chimes too! Check it out!

Here we are! The Grid is located at 525 S. Gilbert Road in Mesa.
Kris, Milo, & Max were eager to help support Leslie at the Belles & Chimes tournament. Plus, they heard there were lots of other cool games to check out while she played.
We were so excited we decided to stare into the sun a while first.
The wonderful women of Belles & Chimes. Photo courtesy of Tracy Lindbergh.
Let the games begin! The Grid has ten great pinball machines now, including The Walking Dead, The Wizard of Oz, Tron, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones.
The last match of the day game down to Street Fighter II.
Hurray for our winners! Tracy was first, then Leslie, Diane, and Alyssa. Photo courtesy of Tracy Lindbergh.
The Grid has its own pinball league now, so be sure to check that out. But head down there any time. There’s always something going on. Plus, you can play this crazy game. Can you tell they’re plucking chin hairs off an onion, timed to the beat?
There are lots of other really interesting games, too, including Killer Queen, which ruled ZapCon last year!
There’s another big room with foosball, tabletop games, and consoles. Our kids parked themselves here for the rest of the pinball tournament.
There’s also this game, so you can always punch something en route to the bathroom.
We took this sweet shot of Tracy and her husband, Mark. Aren’t they cute? Thanks, Tracy, for setting up the tournament. You’re the best!

Now get down to the Grid so you can have some fun too!