NEWS: Go, Cubs, Go!

What a series! What a game! And what a commemorative plaque we’re going to have to order for this machine! In honor of the Cubbies’ fantastic World Series victory, we present our own little tribute. Check out our awesome Triple Play pinball machine!

Triple Play 1
Gottlieb came out with this Chicago Cubs “Triple Play” game in 1985, and produced around 1,365 units. (IPDB)
Triple Play 2
The backglass features the friendly confines. Look for that W flag today!
Triple Play 3
You try to play a baseball game as you play this pinball machine, with the spinner registering outs, and sequentially triggered drop targets recording a triple play.
Triple Play 4
We gave this game a quick cleaning when we got it last year, but maybe we’ll clean it up again now.
Triple Play 6
After all, this is now a game of champions.