NEWS: Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is a great day. On this day five years ago, we started Firebird Pinball full-time. It’s been a tremendous ride, and we’re so grateful to all the people who helped us along the way. Thank you! In honor of the occasion, we’re having a special anniversary contest, so make sure to enter! And, now, let’s take a minute to look back at a brief history of Firebird Pinball.

We started collecting pinball machines while we were still in Tucson, way back in the good old aughts. Here’s the first row in our old house. (That Road Kings was our very first game, ever!)
Since pinball was strictly a hobby, we definitely had some humble beginnings.
And then this guy decided to go pro.
Luckily, his partner in crime was game.
Soon, our little dream became real. And then our business became a family business as Milo decided he liked helping in the shop.
Max started early as well. He was born the same month we started Firebird!
As our business has grown, we’ve grown.
And we’ve been really lucky to share what we do with John, aka Grampa, the best shop boy ever.
We owe so much to Judy, aka Nana, as well.
And when we talk about the history of Firebird Pinball, we’re really talking about the history of us.
When we talk about how much we’ve grown.
And when we talk about how far we’ve come.
What we’re really talking about is how far WE have grown.
And how far WE have come.
So a great big, tremendous, huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s been there since Day One.
And abundant thanks to everyone who’s joined us along the way. We wouldn’t be here without you.

THANK YOU to everyone for making these five years such a great journey. Now get back to breaking your machines.